fall asleep fast

How to Fall a Sleep Fast


People usually don’t take sleep very seriously even though there are tons of benefits of sleep. We mostly adapt to our everyday life and force our body’s clock to adapt to our daily one. People often believe sleep is something unnecessary and something that just takes up time.


I mean why would you want to waste most of your night in one position when there’s so much you could do?

It’s a huge mistake of course and we probably wouldn’t be doing it so frequently if we knew what the real consequences are, which may be why we have sleep problems.

Listen to your body

If it needs sleep, try your best to please it. It’s very important to have enough sleep for your body to revitalize. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to function. If you ever had to work a double shift or stay awake for the night, you probably noticed how your body was affected.

Your concentration and attention greatly depend on it. These two things are hardly controllable and if you don’t get enough sleep, your body will try to get it by force. Like it or not, you cannot choose to stay awake for too long because you’ll eventually start drifting to sleep.

Lack of sleep can kill you

Drifting asleep isn’t that big of a deal whether you’re in a meeting or a classroom. However there’s been many deaths associated with people falling asleep while driving for example. It’s generally good for the health and although it’s not that big of a deal to pull an all-nighter, it’s still in your best interest to be healthy and function properly.

It’s not just in your mind

Aside from giving spirit to your limbs, sleep improves your creativity as well as your social skills. Some people require a few hours of sleep, whereas others need quite a bit more. Naturally everyone’s body is different so you should listen to yours and see what it can teach you.

It’s not a disease, but lack of it can cause some. Many mental illnesses have been connected to lack of sleep. And although it’s not exactly a disease, irregular behavior is also a common result. Anger and stress have often been connected to it. Although the human brain remains a mystery even today, it’s obvious what it can do for you.

Your mind works out through its own issues when it’s in the stage of dreaming, and should you decide to skip this process repetitively, your levels of stress will increase.

There is no replacement for sleep, and people often cling to alcohol, cigarettes or coffee for a quick fix. It works once or twice but after a while it becomes and addiction.

It shatters your biological clock and causes your body and mind to go into chaos. Hopefully these tips on how to go to sleep will be of some benefit.


how to fall asleep

You’re a human, few limbs and a face, and like so many other human beings, you sometimes have trouble going to sleep at night.

Skim these tips and find the ones that you think may work. The key is to keep on testing until you finally find something that helps you to fall asleep fast.

Read a book

I’ve found that one of the easiest ways to fall asleep fast is to crack open a book and start reading. Soon you’ll start dozing off and hopefully you’ll be able to gain something out of reading too.

There are tons of awesome books on Amazon that cost hardly anything if you purchase them onto your Kindle. I’ve learnt more reading books in the past 5 years than I’ve learnt spending 20 years in ‘government education’.

Get comfortable!

Everything should be perfect. The bed, your clothes and your positioning. All of this is personal preference, so find what works best for you. Adjust the lighting and the surrounding sound. You should also try going to bed at the same time every night.

Use your bed for sleeping only

It’s a psychology thing. Don’t drink, eat or play games in your bed.

If you use your bed specifically for sleeping, your body will get used to the idea and you’ll fall to sleep instantly because your body knows that’s the place to rest. natural sleep remedies

Measure the temperature

I’m going to get a bit technical, but try not to skip this point. It’ll come in pretty useful… I promise.

So your body has a specific temperature that your brain tries to maintain. This is known as the set point.

A slight drop of temperature in your set point is what allows you to sleep in peace. If the room is too hot or too cold, then your body will struggle to achieve the set point.

The solution is to adjust the temperature of your room to 65 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can purchase a gauge to measure if your room has the right temperature. This temperature varies from person to person, so be sure to test and see what works for you.

Digest cat urine

Ever wondered how you could sleep for 12 hours yet wake up feeling like crap?

The main reason for this is because of low blood sugar. In the book ‘The four-hour workweek’ Tim suggests that you should have 2 tablespoons of organic almond butter with a couple of celery sticks just before you go to bed.

He also mentions that it tastes like cat urine mixed with asparagus. I’ve tried eating this but honestly I couldn’t hack it. It tastes seriously bad.

I remember Tim mentioning somewhere that you could also try having a few spoons of honey before you go to sleep.

Kill the lights

Reduce the amount of light exposure by 30 minutes before you go to bed. This is because light increases the levels of alertness and will give you sleeping problems. can’t sleep at night

So instead of standing under the full beam of the light while brushing your teeth, try to do it an hour earlier.

Russell Foster has done an awesome Ted talk, where he talks about this in more detail.

How much can you bench?

We’ve all heard this before, but can exercise really improve sleep?

A very recent poll done by the National Sleep Foundation found that regular exercisers have a more peaceful sleep.

Now, what’s important isn’t that you should work out until you have muscle failure.

What’s important is that you do some simple exercise such as taking a walk for 10 minutes or walking up and down the stairs a few times.

However, as the poll had shown, the more intense your exercise is, the better your sleep will be. They found that people who had done rigorous exercise, where twice as likely to get better sleep than those who didn’t.

They also found that two thirds of the vigorous exercisers are faaaar less likely to get symptoms associated with insomnia such as having trouble going to sleep and having trouble waking up early and then falling asleep.

I’m pretty lazy, but what I try to do is exercise vigorously at least 2 – 3 times a week. On the days that I don’t work out, I just take a walk outside or as mentioned before, walk up and down the stairs a few times.

Get off your backside!

In the same poll mentioned above, they found that people who sit less than 8 hours a day are far more likely to have better health as well as improved sleep. tricks to fall asleep

A few things you could do to avoid spending too much time on your seat is to spend a minute every hour just standing up and stretching your legs as well as moving around during your break.

Have a bath before going to bed

Having warm baths relaxes the body; it also helps with headaches too.

Aside from that, you should try to go to bed right after a bath, as that’s when you’ll most likely feel relaxed.

Avoid taking long naps during the day

If you’ve rested quite a bit during the day, then you’ll have trouble falling asleep at night.

Instead you should take a short nap for a maximum amount of 20 minutes. For most of us, any longer than this and you’ll go into deep sleep.

The problem with going into deep sleep is that it’s difficult to wake up from. If you’ve ever suddenly woken up from being in deep sleep, you’ll know the type of tired-feel-like-crap feeling you get.

Avoid stress

Going to bed gives us a chance to really think about our recent experiences. If you’ve had something constantly popping up in your mind and causing you to be stressed, try to relax and let it go.

It’ll most likely prevent you from falling asleep. Try mediation, or any other form of relaxation.

Avoid caffeine close to bedtime

Some people cannot even think of sleep if they’ve had a sip of coffee. However for some of us, drinking energy drinks or coffee has no effect.

As a rule of thumb, the latest you should consume caffeine is at 2pm.

Don’t do anything active before bedtime

I’ve previously mentioned that you should do exercise in order to have a goodnights sleep. However, you need to do your workout at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

This is because your body sleeps better in colder conditions (I talk about this in more detail below). By working out a few hours before you fall asleep, you allow your body to cool down. Thus getting a good nights rest.

Count sheep

Count sheep or do something similar. Did you ever wonder why people fall asleep when a dangling object is hypnotizing them?

It makes their eyes tired. I’m not really debating mental hypnotizing, I’m just saying. Try that along with the combination of the other tips mentioned above.

I hope that these tips on how to fall asleep instantly will be useful. Be sure to test each tip to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

How to Wake up Early

How to Wake up Early

I’m going to get a bit ‘science’ on you but try to read through all of it. This stuff does really work!

So your body naturally produces a hormone called melatonin when we’re in a dark environment. This is a signal that makes you tired so that you’re ready to go to sleep.

What you want to do is get sunlight as early as possible after waking up so that your body ceases to produce melatonin early on.

Now, sunlight stimulates the production of another hormone called serotonin, which is good at providing energy.

You want to be exposed to light early on so that your body can switch from producing melatonin (the stuff that makes you sleepy) to serotonin (the stuff that makes you energized).


The problem with this is that most of us live in places where we don’t get much light.

The Solution of How to Wake up Early?

The solution is to use something called a wake-up light. This handy item is similar to an alarm but much less annoying. It emulates sunlight by slowly increasing the light until your room is fully bright.

This then stimulates the serotonin hormone secretion (the stuff that gives you energy), and immediately stops your body from producing melatonin.



1. It’s bedtime

You don’t have to be the brightest crayon in the box to figure this one out. If you get enough sleep at night, you’re probably going to wake up rested. You should sleep for at least 8 hours.

It’s usually considered that you shouldn’t be sleeping more than 12. However, if truly rested, your body won’t want to go back to sleep unless you force sleep upon yourself.

2. A calculator can help!

Math equation coming up, so get ready.


Here goes.

The number of minutes you sleep should be divisible by 90. You see, a regular sleep cycle of a human lasts about 90 minutes, so basically an hour and a half.

It varies for every person so you might want to experiment what time is the best for you, more or less.

For example if you want to wake up at 9AM, you should probably go to sleep a few minutes before midnight. 9 hours of sleep means 6 full sleep cycles and if you wake up exactly when one ends, you’re most likely going to feel rested.

Yes it’s a bit complicated but if you get the hang of it, you’ll be waking up with no trouble.

3. Move the alarm!

When you set your alarm clock, be sure to place it somewhere that’ll make you actually get out of bed in order to turn it off.

wake up in the morning

When you place your alarm close, you’re probably going to automatically hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

You’ve most likely found yourself looking for your phone or alarm clock all around the bed several hours after it was supposed to wake you up.

4. An alarm should sing a different song!

Standard alarm clocks usually play the same sound. Unless it’s really loud, if it plays the same tune every time, your body will eventually learn to ignore it.

If you set your alarms on a phone or computer, you should change the alarm sound every few days, or when you find that they aren’t really getting the job done.

5. Get help!

If you think you might not be able to wake up in time, ask someone to help you. If you’re not living alone that is.

You’ll most definitely be awake because they can always splash a bucket of water in your face if necessary.

6. Don’t mess up your sleep schedule!

Sleeping in on the weekends is okay, and sometimes going late to bed isn’t that big of a deal either, just don’t make a habit of it.

If you spend too many days going to bed in the morning and waking up in the evening, it’s going to be quite frustrating to get back to a regular sleeping schedule.

Your body clock will switch days with nights. It’s silly sometimes how a body works automatically even though we’re supposed to be controlling it.

7. You snooze you lose, so don’t snooze!

Avoid hitting the snooze button.

Try motivating yourself so you get up at the first sound of the alarm. You might want to try something that’ll really get your juices flowing.

Perhaps a favorite show, or a game. Something that would be really worth getting out of bed for.

8. If you beat the alarm clock, get up!

Don’t take it literally.

If you wake up a few minutes before the alarm clock rings, it’s time to get up. Your body has probably gotten used to waking up around that time so you should use that chance to learn how to wake up in time without an alarm clock.

If you try to sleep for a couple of minutes more, you’ll feel drowsy again and when the alarm sounds, well then you’ll really want to smash it.

9. Don’t turn off the alarm

Who says alarm has to be an annoying sound?

Pick a nice song that puts you in a mood to dance, and set it as your alarm clock. It won’t annoy you and it won’t let you fall asleep, so eventually you’re going to get into the beat.

The trick is finding that one song…

10. Let the sun inside

Assuming you have to wake up after the sun has come up, you should have your curtains open. This is another one of those things your body does without your permission.

waking up early

11. Have a drink!

When you’re sleeping, there’s a lot of stuff going on in your mouth, scientifically speaking of course.

You probably experienced morning breath every time you woke up after a good night sleep. You’ll probably welcome a nice glass of water or some other drink when you wake up, so keep one nearby.

Aside from satisfying your thirst, a drink will cause your body to wake up and get to work. If water doesn’t satisfy your need you can always get coffee or tea.

Setup your coffee maker before you go to bed so you can start making coffee right away.

12. Don’t eat before bed

Is eating food before bed, damaging to your sleep?

To be honest, we’ve all heard this but I am slightly skeptical. Whenever I eat a ton junk food, it puts me to sleep immediately.

However, this is a general suggestion for your health, not just for waking up. Digesting food isn’t a simple process so you want to leave your body working after you’ve had a big meal.

Going to bed slows down your body functions and that makes digestion even more difficult.

If you go to bed right after you eat, you’ll probably wake up hungry. It’s quite strange isn’t it?

The body will keep pumping insulin that is needed for digestion of sugars, not knowing when to stop.

Just wait an hour or two after you’ve eaten before going to bed to be safe.

13. Annihilate your bed!

How can a bed you’ve been sleeping on for the past few years be the problem?

Well, just because it hasn’t fallen apart yet doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Or maybe it’s the pillow?

Experiment a bit; change where you sleep.

Try placing a light mattress on the floor and sleep on that for a few days. Sometimes sleeping on the floor can be far more comfortable than a bed. It’s also good for your posture.

14. If you know you’ll snooze, prepare for it!

Sometimes we snooze 5 times but after the 5th time we actually get up. Set your alarm a bit earlier if you know you’ll snooze.

15. Something you keep forgetting

Picture this. A world where you can do whatever you want. You want a wall destroyed? Done. It explodes in a fraction of a second.

You want to fly while shooting fire from your fingertips? Be my guest.

As a matter of fact you’ve done these things many times, but you don’t remember.

Why? Because your mind discarded them as junk. Your dreams are not important once they’re over.

Every time you sleep, you dream. The memories are still there, for the first few minutes in the morning. As soon as you get up from bed they start to fade.

Start writing them down as soon as you wake up.

In fact, Mary Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’ was written directly from her nightmares.

It may be slightly difficult with a blurry vision but still, it’ll motivate you to awaken and write because at that moment you’ll realize what you experienced.

I did this and read my journal a few weeks later, I had completely forgotten about these amazing dreams until that moment.

16. Get fit and you’ll sleep less

Not only will it drain your energy, working out will get your body fit so you’ll need less sleep to recover the energy.

17. Get a second alarm

Scheduling the alarms on your phone to ring at a specific or at different times can be quite effective.

When the first alarm rings you’ll be awaiting the second. It’ll go off and hopefully wake you or you’ll get up and turn it off before that. Either way, you’ll get up!

18. Don’t sleep

If you stayed up too late, sometimes it’s better to not sleep at all. If it’s only one day of not sleeping that is.

If you’re still awake at 5AM going to bed then will mess up your sleep cycle, and if you try to sleep for an hour you’ll either oversleep or wake up in an hour feeling even more tired.

19. Don’t close your eyes!

If you can’t get out of bed, keep your eyes open. If you close them for a few seconds you’ll automatically start drifting to sleep again.

It’ll probably be difficult but get up and do something, anything. Remaining still will keep your body calm and sleepy. So either write something or start getting dressed.

Just activate yourself.

20. Drink before you go to bed

Water that is… insomnia treatment

getting up early

Aside from vitalizing your body and boosting it during sleep, it also makes you go in the morning. So if your alarm doesn’t wake you up, the need to visit the bathroom will.

21. Battle meditation!

Battle the sleepiness with meditation! If you’re used to it. Meditation takes a while to get used to but once you get into it, it can really help.

Try to meditate first thing in the morning to fight the drowsiness. Aside from the battle, meditation can make you pretty comfortable.

22. Sit in bed

Keep your eyes closed if you must, but remain sitting up. You’ll slowly wake up and start thinking about what’s next in your day.

23. Just get to the bathroom already!

You always have to go in the morning, at least a little. Since you’re already there, start the regular morning routine you have. Brushing teeth, etc. Wash your face as well. That really helps wake you up.

24. Be grateful

When you wake up, try to get started thinking. List 10 things that you’re grateful for every morning. This exercise will definitely give you a nice shake from the sleep as well as lift your mood for the beginning of the day.

25. Use the time you sleep

As you’re sleeping, set your computer to do something. Clean, download or something like that, natural sleep aids

And as it’s doing that, set an alarm. Speakers will blast some pretty decent sounds. You can move them away from your bed so you’ll have to click around to lower the volume.

And aside from that, your computer is already on! You can go online instantly. Might be blurry but that won’t stop you eh?

26. Hiding the alarm

Tell someone to hide your alarm somewhere in the room where you’ll be sleeping. Once it starts beeping like crazy you have to find it in the morning, causing you to invest some energy and get up! Benefits of waking up early

27. Encoded alarm. How evil can one be?

Set an alarm and give someone your phone to change the screen lock. In the morning you have to guess the screen lock when the annoying thing starts beeping. They can give you a hint or anything similar but the point is you’ll get so frustrated, you’ll rip the battery out, provoking rage. Boom, you’re awake. Just don’t kill anyone.

28. Panic yourself up!

Put your phone under a glass of water near your bed. Once you automatically try to shut it off you’ll most likely spill it everywhere. We all panic with spilled stuff. Or…well…you’ll just ignore it.

You may want to place the water on a very sensitive spot, possibly where it might slap you in the face.

29. Get pets

Does this need to be explained? How to get to sleep

30. Get kids.

Well, I don’t suppose you can. GET a kid just like that. But they generally are walking police cars. So if you have some, you know they’re going to cute your sleep short.

31. Get a ridiculously cool and potentially expensive alarm clock

They make alarm clocks that require your full attention to turn them off. There is one that shoots a spinning circle somewhere in the room, and you have to get the circle and insert it in the slot for the alarm to stop.

There’s an alarm that runs away from you, literally. It keeps rolling all over the room in random directions while making a ridiculously annoying noise. Check some others! They’re quite interesting, and effective from what I can hear. Well, until you decide to put your foot in them literally.

Sadly, we’ve come to an end. I hope that these tips for waking up early were of some benefit. If you have any more tips you’d like to add to this page, feel free to leave a comment here.

How to Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend After Months

Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend

You will need to put some effort in to the process and also be patient if you would like see good results finally.

The good news is that exist together again with the ex if you put enough sincere efforts into your process, have honest intentions, are going to accept and apologize for your mistakes, and will easily forgive and lose focus on.

Something that might help is stay away from your ex lover once the break. Which means that you simply can’t call them or send them any sms messages or emails. Instead, spend time alone and take into account the source of the breakup was, why you have to get together again together and las vegas dui attorney love them a great deal of to start with. Not only can achieving this ready your mind for the strategy of winning rid of it, nevertheless it will also equip you for the morning as you come in the flesh together the very first time following your breakup.



Whenever you do visit your ex and find the chance to talk to them, try and bring up some of the different issues that surrounded your relationship previously. Then, determine if they’re happy to work on those problems and decide explanation for all of them with you to be able to be sure that they do not happen again.

Now, in case your ex already ends up having a new person, then don’t give up them at this time. When you just adore them and know deep down within that they accept you too, this won’t matter who is involved at this time. The actual key could be to never ask a lot of queries about that new part of their life. Instead, try to be there on their behalf and wait against each other.


Naturally, as soon as you understand together using your ex, each of you have to sit back and mention tips on how to work towards your relationship together there after. Both of you ought to be in the position to talk about the factors that cause the breakup in a very calm and mature manner, as well, and work towards doing the things which caused one to love the other person to start with.

Breakdowns in relationships can be quite painful for anyone involved and sometime’s more for your one that wasn’t thinking about the breakup. Inspite of the separation, you will find guys who usually repent for their decision of splitting up to investigate ways with regards to getting back using their ex. Should you be one of these brilliant guys, then you should know there exists want to go back along with your ex. There aren’t any guaranteed techniques for getting back one’s girlfriend but you’ll find definitely tips which might brighten the chances of reversing the breakup again.

All men’re different somewhat, and that’s why girls like them. He will want to look at his weaknesses and strengths and consider them. He should understand what his weaknesses are, and must try building on his positives so that they outweigh his negatives.

Good Interview Tips and Advice

Interview Tips

Good Job Hunting and Interview Tips

Are you looking for some Good Interview Tips to help you prepare for a Job Interview?


To be honest, with the economy as it is, even if your job is not currently at risk, it’s always a good idea to keep your job interviewing skills current.


You never know when you might need them. Who knows the opportunity for a great new job could present itself tomorrow? Or indeed you could find yourself being interviewed to keep the job you currently have!


Regardless of your current situation, it would probably make sense to keep your options open, your job interview skills updated and to ensure that you have an exit strategy in case the unthinkable happens and you find yourself back in the job market.


Good Interview Tips

Preparing for The Interview


You need to ensure you do thorough preparation for the interview. Anticipate the questions that you might be asked and be ready with an appropriate answer. But do remember that whilst you want to appear confident and polished you do not want to seem over-rehearsed.


Your answers should appear to be well-thought out, but you want to make sure that you still seem genuine. Make sure that you have done some research on the company, so that you can let them know why you are a good fit.


I have lost count of the number of people I have interviewed that have ignored the advice to always look your best.


You need to present the best possible version of yourself at interview. Even if you are not a business-dress kind of person, if the job you are applying for requires it, then you must look the part. It can be difficult if you are not used to wearing formal business dress but do try to make sure to looked relaxed! There are quite a few people people who are uncomfortable in those clothes and only wear to work because they have to!


On the day of the interview get yourself into the right mindset by focusing on your positive attributes. Make sure you arrive in good time, but not too early!


About ten minutes before your appointment time is a good indication. Before you go in to the build focus on some positive affirmations and do some simple breathing exercises if you know that nerves can get the best of you. Allowing yourself the time beforehand will ensure that you will feel more at ease when the interview time arrives.


Good Interview Tips

At The Interview and Afterwards


Good Interview Tips


When the interview begins, remember that you are proud of who you are and your accomplishments without appearing over confident or arrogant. Remember that you are proud of your achievements will translate as confidence, which is something that every hiring manager is looking for.


Throughout the interview try to maintain eye contact and take your time to answer questions. Treat interviewer with the respect you would give them if you already had the job and the respect you would like to be treated with yourself. In this way you will be giving them an indication of what they can expect from you if, or should we say when, you were hired.


When the interviewer has finished asking their questions and invites you to ask any questions you might have make sure you have some!


It is okay to ask questions about things like promotion expectations or opportunities, salary, and benefits. This indicates to the interviewer that you are also investigating their company and what they can offer you.


Different people approach it in different ways but after the interview there is no harm to either sending a brief “thank you” email or making a simple “thank you” phone call. It lets them know that you are serious about considering a position there.

Who’s to Blame for the Entitled Generation?


Today’s Generation

I know this is a controversial topic, but I felt the need to put it out there. Let me ask you this…Do you think too many of today’s kids expect too much? Do you think they feel entitled to whatever they desire? Have we tried to give our kids all the things we didn’t have, only to make them unappreciative? Do today’s kids think money grows on trees? What do you think? What or who is to blame?


Touchy Subjects….

I am not one who loves confrontation of any kind. I try to be neutral as much as possible. On this subject, I am willing to venture out and take a stand. Parenting is always hard, no matter what generation you are dealing with. This is a fact. But are parents easier on kids today, more so then “back in the day”? I think so. I grew up with a stay at home mom and so did my husband. Kids were to be seen and not heard. We respected adult authority. I knew that there would be consequences to inappropriate behavior of any kind. When my mom said it (threaten sounds so harsh), I knew she meant it. There were sports, but it didn’t seem like we were running from one activity to another after school. Kids were home running with the neighborhood kids on bikes.



Today, seems like a whole new world. I do believe our children are our future and so very important. But have they been placed on a pedestal so high that even they, themselves, wouldn’t know how to get back up, if they fell off? Look at how many young adults can’t make it on their own and have to move back home with mom and dad.


Are we too worried about giving them the best of everything, that we aren’t teaching them what it means to work for desires? Sure, there are still some parents who are consistent enough to keep up with the chore charts and earning allowances. But there are definitely more than just provide, provide, provide. Yes, there are really good kids out there who we feel deserve rewards. But there are many who just “expect” these things. I refer to them as feeling “entitled”. This is what I have an issue with.


Society today is soooo competitive. We are teaching our children to constantly compete with others. They compete over who has the best clothes, newest electronic games, or the best iPhone. This is part of the problem that has led to this feeling of entitlement. As parents we can try our best not to succumb to this pressure, but it is HARD. My daughter is 11 and all of her friends have Facebook accounts. She constantly asks when she can have one. My answer is “never”. Kids don’t realize the consequences of putting all your business on a public domain. I think it leads to trouble at such a young age.

Out of Control Teen – Options for Parents

Out of Control Teen

Are You Struggling With an Out of Control Teen?


Are you struggling with an out of control teen? Do you feel that your child is strong-willed, rebellious, disrespectful and defiant towards most everyone and everything? Are you at a loss for what you can do to stop this out of control behavior? Do you miss the loving relationship you once shared with them and wonder if it will ever be the same? Perhaps the bad behavior, lying, sneaking around, or maybe even stealing has you feeling hopeless. Do not worry…you are not alone. Many parents face these same problems.


Defiance is a common behavior in most teenagers, however it can be severely worse in some. Typically, when kids reach the teenage years, they are trying to establish independence. While being independent is a good thing, defiance is not.


So where does this leave you? I am sure you are frustrated, and at a loss for what you can do to make a difference. You probably just want to know WHAT will help…what you can do to make things better and improve the family relationships overall. My answer is LEARN.


Consider yourself as a student on your first day of class…you do not know the answers until a “teacher” gives you the training material you need. Only then, will you learn the new topic and be able to successfully complete the course. Parenting is much the same way. No one parent knows it all, but rather learns through the process. And by learning, you will gain the power to make a change for the better in your relationship with your child.


You have the choice to look at your current situation and do everything in your power to make it better. This is where learning comes in. It’s just something we have to do. One GREAT program for dealing with an out of control teen is called “The Total Transformation Program”. Sometimes getting help is the only option left.


Out of Control Teens Need Parents Who Are Willing to Work Hard and Not Give Up


If you have tried the above ideas and find you are still struggling with your teens behavior, it is time to get some serious help. Getting help does not mean you need to go to family counseling, or take time out of your schedule to go to parenting classes. You also do NOT have to send your child away to some sort of boot camp or boarding school. Things can get better, right now, right from home. If you had the right resources to help you, you could begin making changes that would make an immediate difference in your teen, and your relationship with them. That would be awesome.


Parenting a teen has its own set of challenges, but when you are faced with a defiant child, things can escalate quickly. I want you to be encouraged. There is help for you and it is not as hard to attain as you might think. One such resource can be found right online and it is a “straight on” informational program that will help you as a parent- guaranteed!


There is Help for an Out of Control Teen …


You just need to find the RIGHT guidance to help you.

If you feel like you have tried everything you know to try and things are still bad, then you need to take it a step further and get help from a trained expert in this field. James Lehman is one such expert and I believe he can help make the difference you are hoping to see.

Struggling With an Out of Control Teen


Are you looking for answers to these questions ?

  1. How can I stop any argument with my teen, right away?
  2. What do I say or do when they start talking back to me?
  3. How do I stop the acting out when we are in public or when their friends are around?
  4. Which consequences work, which don’t, and how do I give them?
  5. How do I help my teenager follow the rules I set.
  6. What can I do that will have a positive effect on my child?
  7. What do I need to change in my parenting style to improve the interactions I have with my teen?
  8. How can I improve family life and reduce the stress and tension at home?


Parenting classes and/or counseling are two things you can try, but they aren’t the only resources you have. Both are good options for help, but there is still another way, that might be easier and fit into your busy schedule a little better. This other way would be to receive new parenting skills, tips and advice from a trained professional who has worked SUCCESSFULLY with troubled teens and frustrated parents for over 30 years.

His name is James Lehman, and he can share insight that may work wonders in your relationship with your teenager. You can read more about his unique perspective on dealing with your out of control teen. You see, he had a very personal understanding of kids with behavior problems, and precisely how these behaviors take their toll on parents, siblings and other loved ones because he himself was an out of control teen. He displayed severe oppositional, defiant behaviors as a child and teenager, and became a Behavioral Therapist specializing in helping troubled children, teens and their families for 30 years. Teaching from pure experience, he offers a lot of valuable insights that can prove helpful.


Dealing with an out of control teen…


Dealing with a difficult teenager takes a lot of time, and can exhaust you physically and emotionally. You need to get real help that can restore your relationship with your teen, bring peace back into the family, and put an end to their destructive behavior.

In this course, you will learn so many things that will:

  1. Reduce the parent-child conflict
  2. Reduce your stress level significantly
  3. Increase the likelihood that your child will be a success in school and life
  4. Put you back in charge rather than your child controlling things
  5. Give your insight into your child’s way of thinking so you will understand what you need to do differently to see real change.

Thanks for reading this article, please share your experience with your teens.

7 Things That Become Apparent After You Become a Parents


What Kids Teach Their Parents

There have been several times when I’m with my children, something happens and I think, “I probably would have never realized that fact if I didn’t have kids.” So I have compiled a short list of just a few things that seem to become apparent only after you become a parent. Whether you’re an old pro who needs a laugh, a stressed out newbee, or a worried to-be, relax and reflect on the humorous things children teach their parents.


Who Knew?

Become a Parent

#1. It is entirely possible to make the bed while a toddler is rolling around on it.

I do it every day. My daughter thinks it’s hilarious.


#2. There is a need for the invention of childproof shoes.

If my son even LOOKS at a pair of new shoes, they’re automatically scuffed up, grass stained, stepped in dog…whatever, and the sole begins to separate from the shoe. How does that happen?


#3. You start referring to your husband as “Dad” (or to your wife as “Mom”) even when the kids are not around.

This phenomenon is inevitable no matter how hard you fight it. Just give in.


#4. Children are washable.

I didn’t understand this one until our second child began self feeding. Now when she hugs the dogs or rubs spaghetti in her hair, I repeat the words “she’s washable” in my head over and over until I feel better. Guess what? It’s true! She gets squeaky clean in tub every time.


#5. Admit it. The invention of the minivan was a good idea.

They’re just too practical to deny this fact.


#6. There are so many tasks you really only need one arm to accomplish.

Personally, I think women were supposed to grow a third arm during pregnancy, but something went wrong genetically.


#7. You thought you knew what love was; now you’re certain.

What Is A Lucid Dream ?

what is lucid dream

So what is a lucid dream? It’s a dream when you know you’re dreaming as the dream is happening. So it’s not just a really really vivid dream that you remember in the morning, it’s not a dream where you see future events and those dreams come to pass, it’s not a dream in which you feel your subjective self sort of being sucked out of the body and then you feel yourself floating around the room, that would be more of an O B E, an out-of-body experience.

A lucid dream is specifically a dream in which you know you’re dreaming as you’re dreaming.

Imagine if you became lucid right now and you realized that this was a dream. The first thing that would happen was that these barriers would be broken down. In this room we have people of different ages, different races, different genders and because of that there’s a sense of separateness.

But if I was to become lucid now I would become one with all of you. I would feel as close to a woman as I would a man, as close to someone of 60 years old as I would of 16, barriers would break down.

If we were a little bit more lucid in this state, there’d be a little bit less ego, a little bit less fear, a little bit less conflict as acceptance, friendliness and kindness arise spontaneously just as they do in the lucid dream.

Think of these qualities of mind, acceptance, friendliness and kindness, and think about the Dalai Lama. And you think yeah, that guy’s lucid, that guys aware in every moment.

Learn How To Lucid Dream

what is a lucid dream

Dreams are powerful stories unfolding in our sleep reality. They have a long history both as a source of inspiration and as a subject of intrigue. People have sought meaning in dreams, used them for divination and asked about their role and function.

Most intriguing of all is the belief that maintaining lucidity and awareness while dreaming provides us with a useful stepping stone on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

The Hypnogogic State

lucid dreams

So just close your eyes and use your breath to allow awareness to sink into the body. Just be aware of when you’re breathing in and when you’re breathing out. You can breathe a little deeper into the belly rather than into the chest%u2026 this will help ground you in the body.

Be open to any sound, neither engaging it or rejecting it%u2026 even noise can be silence if you open up to it. Be grateful that the sound is keeping you in the upper echelons of sleep. Allowing you to be more aware of the descendance into the hypnogogic. Maintain a light awareness of when you’re breathing in and when you’re breathing out.

The Lucid Dream on YouTube

Here’s a really cute video which explains what a lucid dream is and some of the techniques used to learn how to do it.

How To Lucid Dream

The next step is to develop the habit of doing reality checks.

So if you’re in a dream and you think you might be dreaming, you can apply a reality check. One way is to look at your hand. If I think you might be dreaming, look at your hand, look away, then look back again. And on a second look, the hand will change in some way most of the time.

The reason for this is that dreaming is a right brain dominant activity, but the file for detailed pattern recognition is stored in the left brain hemisphere.

So if you try and replicate a detailed pattern twice in quick succession, the dreaming mind struggles to do it, it doesn’t quite have the computational powers, leading to a close but incomplete rendering.

What is a Lucid Dream – The Weird Technique

lucid dream

Perhaps one of the strangest techniques is called, unsurprisingly, the weird technique.

The weird technique is doing reality checks during the day. So as you go around your daily life, anytime something weird happens, anytime you experience dejavu or a kind of glitch in the matrix or someone says something at the same time as you, you think ‘ah that’s weird am I dreaming?’ You ask the question and then you answer it with a reality check.

Now of course you know you’re not dreaming, but what you’re doing is creating a habit of doing reality checks anytime that you see something weird, so that when you go to sleep at night and something weird happens in the dream, you habitually do a reality check and this time the hand changes and you get lucid.

Lucid Dreaming – The MILD Technique

The MILD technique was developed by a leading lucid dreaming researcher called Stephen Laberge.

The MILD technique, or mnemonic initiated lucid dream, is a lucid dream induction technique that uses prospective memory, visualization and auto-suggestion or self-hypnosis, combined together to allow you to become lucid within your dreams.

The way it works is this. You wake up in the early hours of the morning after an extended period of sleep and dream and you recall the dream you were just having.

Open your dream diary and write down in detail as much of the dream as you can remember. Don’t analyse it or think about how crazy it may sound. Just write it down as it comes back to you. Then put down your dream and memorize the dream you just had. Go through it a few times until you know it off by heart.

Once you’ve done that, put your dream diary away, turn off the light and get back into bed. Enter the hypnogogic state. Once you’re in the hypnogogic state you set your intent which in this case is strong motivational intent around “next time that I’m dreaming I remember to recognise that I’m dreaming, next time I’m dreaming I remember to recognize I’m dreaming”.

Once you’ve set that intent very strongly, you visualize yourself back in the dream you were just having. So you visualize yourself back in that dream as much as you can. But this time you imagine yourself becoming lucid within that visualization. You have the aha moment of ‘oh I’m lucid’, within a hypnotic induced visualization of the dream you were just in. That’s the real crux of the technique.

Tell Us About Your Lucid Dream Experience

If you have had a lucid dream, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us if it was just a flash of lucidity, or whether you had a lengthy dream in which you knew you were dreaming.

Top 10 Reasons For Divorce

reasons for divorce

Why Do People Get Divorced?

It is truly saddening when what used to be a happily ever after turns into a complete nightmare. A marriage that suddenly takes a downturn can greatly affect not just the couple but worse, even the children can also suffer the consequences.

Millions of reasons can be attributed to divorce and in fact, it is almost impossible to determine one specific reason why marriages fall apart. But based on the studies and research conducted by the experts, the reasons why couples go separate ways greatly vary.

These reasons can come from various aspects and angles of the human life. One page will not be enough to list down all the reasons but just so you can have an idea, here are the top ten reasons for divorce according to what studies and statistics have revealed.

Reason No. 1 – Infidelity

If there is one thing that can be difficult to forgive in a relationship, much less a marriage, that would be having an affair. Regaining trust is far from being easy, and once this happens, the space in bed can become as wide as an ocean. But based on some studies, data showed that women are more forgiving compared to men.

A violation of trust in this regards can be absolutely devastating to the person it happens to. The ability to trust again can take a very long time if ever.

Many couples try to make it work after an affair when children are involved. In this case, the two adults in the relationship must put the needs of the children ahead of their own. This is very difficult in a modern society where the media is constantly telling us to be self-focused and self-gratifying.

Reason No. 2 – Financial Problems

divorce reason

The present state of economy can greatly impact the lives of married individuals. This can also produce tons of pressure, enough that marriages can break in just a single snap. This is among the saddest reasons for divorce, but it really happens, more often than the others in fact.

Financial pressures can have a negative affect on marriage in more ways than one. Lack of money or means can have an affect on the confidence and or the identity of one of the partners in a marriage. It can threaten feeling of safety and security to those who are dependants.

For the financial providers, having financial problems can cause many stress related health problems such as: high blood pressure, depression & anxiety, and insomnia. Money issues can certainly be a breaking point for some marriages.

Reason No. 3 – Lack of Communication

Communication lines do not just break down overnight. It might take years, particularly when hurtful remarks have been exchanged by both parties. More often than not, the wounding comments are set aside but still, they pile up through the years, waiting to go over the brink.

Are you able to talk about things with your partner or do you save it up for later? Do you or your partner like to keep score in order to have material in a verbal showdown?

Negative communication can be just as damaging to a marriage as much as lack of communication. Lack of communication can be seen as indifference and that is just as devastating as anger and negativity.

Reason No. 4 – Addiction

Also among the common marital issues in North America, addiction is not only about street drugs but it can also encompass tobacco, alcohol, as well as prescription medication.

Addictions can tear a marriage or a family apart. Other forms of addiction can be an addiction to pornography. Addictions to internet porn can leave the person with the addiction disconnected to their spouse and the spouse is left feeling neglected and unloved.

Work can also be an addiction as one person is trying to succeed at all costs. Being a Workaholic can have devastating affects on a relationship especially if it isn’t known before marriage.

Reason No. 5 – Abuse

reason for divorce

It is not just about the physical type of abuse because this can also take various forms, such as intimidation, belittling, psychological, and emotional abuses.

Neglect is also a form of abuse. Feelings or being marginalized or not being of value to a marital partner can have devastating effects on a person’s self-esteem and self-worth.

Abuse can take many forms and most of the time, the one being abused is in denial of the situation. They may try to wait it out thinking that things will get better someday.

Many times it’s friends or family that are the first to notice changes in behavior of the person being abused. Men and women can both be abused in a marriage so this is not a gender specific issue.

Reason No. 6 – Sexual Incompatibility

A couple’s sexual relationship might also be among the sources of conflicts inside the bedroom. Here, either both or one of the partners feel sexually unfulfilled. According to experts, sexual tensions are more likely to happen if the partners have a big difference in age.

Reason No. 7 – Children

These issues can range from inability of bearing children to practices in rearing a child. Sad thing is, raising kids can become straining on marriages, as well as not having the ability to conceive a child.

Some people want to have kids and others don’t. Just because someone loves you doesn’t mean that they will change their mind on the issue of having children down the road. When someones says that it’s important for them to have kids, believe them.

You may think that love conquers all and that they’ll come around but nobody wants to be tricked or manipulated. It’s important to be clear on what you want so you don’t waste your time or someone else’s.

If you both are in agreement about having children, it’s wise to discuss how you’ll handle discipline and other major issues before they arise. Differences and disagreements in parenting styles can cause major problems in even the strongest of marriages.

Reason No. 8 – Religion, Ethnicity, and Culture

reason for divorce article

Couples that come from various religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds are said to have higher rates of divorce. Adjusting to the differences should be made or things will head downhill.

It’s possible for people of different religious and spiritual backgrounds to co-mingle as long as they agree to be tolerant of the differences.

It all comes down to what you can tolerate and for how long.

Reason No. 9-Lack Of Interest/Boredom

This particular ground for divorce usually take years before coming to the surface. You will surely not get bored a day after your marriage. There are experts who claim that it takes seven years before a human being eventually changes its mate – and this is referred to as the 7 year itch. Gradually and overtime, partners will get bored of the company of one another and divorce becomes the resort when they can no longer take it.

Reason No. 10-Unfulfilled Expectations

Usually, after getting married, couples set some goals. Both of them work hard in order to achieve these but there will come a time when crisis take toll on these plans. When plans of traveling to various countries or early retirement becomes unfulfilled, chances are one or both parties are going to end up disappointed, which will then lead to divorce.

So, you need to know the reasons before asking how to save your marriage . These are some Reasons For Divorce I found. Now it’s your turn. Let us know if you identify any other reasons .

Too Much Stuff, Too Much Clutter?

too much staff

How Can You Tell if You Have Too Much Stuff?

Perhaps your spouse keeps telling you that you have too much stuff. May be he/she refers to you as a packrat. Do you really have too much stuff or is your significant-other just too fussy? Here are some ways to tell if your stuff is getting overwhelming.

Take a look at some of the tips for conquering clutter.

Good Housekeeping vs Clutter

For a long time, my housekeeping was pretty haphazard. It wasn’t until I became more organized and somewhat dedicated to tidiness that I was able to see what was what. Now when I see things piling up, it’s usually a too-much-stuff issue rather than a failure to tidy up.

If you’ve created routines or structure to keep the home clean and things in place, then you’ll spot the clutter more easily.

Clutter comes from things that lack a dedicated space in your home. If there’s no place for it to park, then it becomes clutter and is in the way. If you can’t create a proper space for the item, then you need to question what is it’s purpose in even being there.

Too Much Stuff

Would you like a bigger house than you now have? Probably that’s because you have too much stuff. Are the shelves overflowing? Do you keep adding more and more storage units?

Are you an American? It is likely that you have too much stuff.

Is shopping a hobby for you? Is it something you do to fill the time or to boost your spirits? If so, then you definitely have too much stuff.
Have you lived in the same place for more than 5 years? Then you are likely to have accumulated a lot of things that are no longer useful to you. Are you afraid to open the closet doors for fear of things cascading down on you? You have too much stuff.

Do you wish you had help keeping the place tidy and clean? Less stuff would make it easier to maintain your space. If you wish you could hire a maid, then you have too much things to comfortably care for it.

Have you had to rent storage space or ask relatives to store things for you? You have too much stuff.

Is it hard to make ends meet? Are your credit cards charged to the max? Probably you have too much things.

If you’re reading this article, then deep down, you know that you have too much stuff.

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