3 Tips for a Successful First Date

3 Tips for a Successful First Date

Everyone feels some pressure when it comes time for that first date with a potential flame, and the nervousness this inspires can lead to some unbecoming behaviors that may turn the night into a dud. Here are 3 of our best tips on how to overcome your anxieties and create the greatest potential for sparks to fly.

1. Be Authentic

Lying on a first date is never a good idea, even if you’re just trying to impress. If this turns into a steady relationship, your partner will feel betrayed when they discover that you were untruthful. Instead, just be yourself. Share your own thoughts and opinions (just don’t be impolite). You’ll realize that you’re more relaxed when you’re not pretending to be someone you’re not, and you may find out that you and your date are even more compatible than you expected.

2. Create Interest

Rather than asking the routine questions like “What do you do?”, try asking something more interesting. Getting creative like this can help you find out more about your date’s personality and hopes in life. For instance, you could ask “What is your dream vacation destination, and why? “or “If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?”. This opens up more opportunities for engaging conversation, and your date will have fun answering. Not to mention, you’ll leave a great first impression of being unique and enjoyable to talk to.

3. Find Balance

If you find that you and your date just “click”, it can be easy to start falling head over heels on just the first night. When this happens, be true to your heart, but don’t come on too strong. Once the night draws to an end, let them know how much you enjoyed their company, just try not to gush. Don’t go too far in “playing hard to get”, as you can mislead your date into thinking that you actually aren’t interested in them. If you’re unsure of what may be too much, try reading the cues in your date’s body language, tone of voice, and behavior. If they look like they’re having just as much fun as you are, share some of your feelings and don’t be afraid to ask for a second date!

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