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3 Ways You Can Invest in Yourself

3 Ways You Can Invest in Yourself

We all do it; we all fall into traps where we get caught up in the daily grind that we lose the forest for the trees. Basically, this means you lose focus of the big picture because you are too busy with dealing with things right in front of you. Of course, this isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, a whole host of issues arise if you are a dreamer that spends most of their time thinking about tomorrow without getting anything done today. Anyway, if you are of those “forest for trees” people, then most likely you don’t take time for yourself to either build your career or make your life more pleasurable. So here are some ways that you can invest in yourself, and get the most out of life.

1. Continuing Education

People generally think this refers to getting an advanced degree, or even just finishing up a level of education that you didn’t finish earlier in life. That couldn’t be farthest from the truth. What I am referring to is any type of education that will energize your mind. Learning to play an instrument or taking photography classes may something that re-energizes you. If you take pride in your work, it is always a great option to level up your degree in your field to help advance your career. All industries are different, so be sure you are doing something that makes, and not simply spending money for a degree that you won’t get much use out of, as it can be quite expensive. If you want to simply learn something, there are usually cheaper options than universities.

2. Volunteer

Volunteering is often overlooked as a source of fulfillment. You can get great pleasure from helping out people that are less fortunate, or even just people that are at a time of need. It doesn’t just have to be helping out at a fundraiser or soup kitchen either. You can become involved at non-profits, church groups, or community groups. If you have children, get them involved and watch them bring joy to someone who may not have much reason to be happy.

3. Recharge with loved ones

When you get bogged down with work or anything else, your family and friends are usually the ones that get the shaft. This isn’t good for you or for them. Take some extra time and enjoy the company of those close to you. Don’t get me wrong, I am not new-age type person that gets all touch and feel and emotional. I have spent my share of 80-hour work weeks because I understand at different points of your career, it is important. However, if you don’t think that your personal well-being and family is important as well, you run the risk of losing people that are important to you. Take the time and watch some sports with your sons; go ahead and have a tea-party with your daughter. It is amazing what the impact will be on their lives, and how much it will recharge your batteries.

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