4 Places to Find New Dates

4 Great Places to Find New Dates

Many singles report that they have the hardest time finding potential partners who share the same interests and values. However, this problem may not be the result of a lack of ideal suitors on the market, but rather, the places where singles choose to search for a new date.

Bars and nightclubs tend to be the default destinations of those who are looking for romance, but such settings can be difficult to foster a genuine, intimate connection in. Here are 5 suggested places for finding a date who is compatible with your personality.

1. Your Local Bookstore

If you’re a laid back individual who feels more comfortable curling up with a stimulating book than partying, consider looking for a new date in your local bookstore. If you happen to notice an attractive candidate browsing your favorite section, don’t be afraid to strike up conversation about a selection they’ve made or a suggestion you have. As many bookstores now have indoor cafés, you have a great opportunity to ask them to continue your new discussion over a cup of coffee.

2. A Sports Club

Being an athletic individual may leave you longing for someone with a matching energy level and passion for sports. Try joining your local gym or sports club and see if there are any potential dates who are hitting the courts and fields as well. If there are, invite them to join in a game. A little friendly competition can be a great way to spark romance and start off your relations with some lively fun.

3. Music Festivals and Performances

For some of us, great music is a necessity in our everyday lives. If you’re looking for a mate who shares this feeling, try making new connections at local music events. Whether it’s during intermission at the opera house, or a smooth number at a jazz festival, you’ll have a great opportunity to get to know other singles by sharing your opinion of the music. If chemistry is brewing and the event permits, you can even go for true romance by inviting them to dance!

4. Volunteer Projects

Do you have a cause you feel passionate about? Enlist as a volunteer with one of your local organizations. You’ll meet many others who share your values and priorities, and have a great chance in finding a compassionate new date with whom you can bond by working to a mutual goal. Whether you’re helping out an animal shelter or a soup kitchen, you’re bound to meet a likeminded new suitor, and you can feel proud of the good you’re doing in the meantime.

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