4 Ways to Win Your Ex Back

Ways to Win Your Ex Back

How To Win Your Ex Back?

A breakup can hit you like a ton of bricks. While there may have been signs that a split was coming, your comfort in the relationship and the distractions of everyday life may have prevented you from seeing them. No matter how you got to this point, the only thing you can do now is fight to win back your ex. We’ve compiled 4 tips that will help you grab their attention, and when used in unison, will likely spark a reconciliation.

1. Take On New Hobbies or Interests

After a while, a relationship can grow stale. If you always did the same old things while you and your partner were together, it’s likely that they began to feel a little bored. Shake things up by starting up a new hobby, such as hiking or painting. Even studying something new is a great way to break routine. If you happen to see your ex, you’ll be able to tell them about some of the interesting things you’ve been up to, which will certainly intrigue them.

2. Get Out More

Being depressed and holing up at home isn’t likely to make your ex come back. Everyone wants to be with someone who is fun to be around. Start going out more, but don’t do it so often with the same circle of friends you and your ex shared. If your ex sees that many new people find you to be enjoyable company, they may reconsider their own ideas about you. Caution: Avoid heavy drinking, going to strip clubs, or engaging in any other behaviors that may repel your ex.

3. Change Your Look

As you settle into a relationship, it can be easy to start being a little too lax when it comes to your appearance. If this happened, chances are that your ex noticed. Rekindling attraction can be as simple as cleaning up, getting a new wardrobe, and trying out a different hairstyle. This visual change will be a strong representation of your internal change, which leads us to point 4…

4. Change Your Behavior

Did your ex complain that you were too grumpy? Irresponsible? Inconsiderate? If some of your negative behaviors caused problems in your relationship, find a way to change them. Showing your ex that you’re committed to turning over a new leaf may be all that they need to regain faith. Be careful to keep this work up even after reconciling, or you may fall back into negativity.

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