5 Ideas to Get in More Family Time

Family Time

5 Ideas to Get in More Family Time

These days, it can be difficult to find enough time in the day to even attend to the bare necessities. By the time the children are finished with school and homework, and you and your spouse home from work, there’s hardly any opportunity to sit down and enjoy each other’s company. We’ve come up with 5 creative ways to help squeeze in quality time with your family, even when everyone’s schedule is tight.

1. Make Chores Fun and Rewarding

Turn doing the chores into a game by assigning tasks to each member of the household. Make a deal that if the chores can be finished in under a certain amount of time, you’ll all make a visit to the playground, ice cream parlor, or other favorite spot right after. Set the timer, and go! This also helps to create more free time, as the household duties will be done much more quickly.

2. Lunch Hour One On One

Do you or your spouse work nearby your children’s school? If so, make it a weekly tradition of spending your lunch hours taking one of your kids out to eat. Alternate so that every child gets a turn. This will give you and your child a special opportunity to pay undivided attention to one another, and bond more closely in the process.

3. Turn Off The TV

When you’re trying to unwind, it can be tempting to plop the kids in front of the TV and zone out while watching with them. But this isn’t quality time. Instead, try reading a book out loud to everyone in the household. You can make it even more fun and interactive by letting each family member take a turn reading, or better yet, taking on the voice of their specific character.

4. Exercise Together

Instead of heading off to the gym alone, engage the whole family in a fun game of basketball, or get together for some aquatic fun in the gym’s pool. Everyone will get a chance to burn some energy and stay fit while you’re all enjoying the play time together.

5. Meaningful Family Dinners

Sit down for a traditional family dinner and make it an opportunity for everyone to voice their appreciations. You can make it a routine to start the dinner conversation by having each person take a turn to say something that they love about the person next to them. This will start things off with a positive mood that fosters communication and mindfulness in even the youngest members of the family.

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