5 Ways to Enliven your Workspace

Enliven your Workspace


Sometimes, when you’re forced to sit at the same desk every day, it can feel like your life is stagnant. But for many, this is an unfortunate condition of getting the job you were hired for done. The lack of variety that is inherent to the mundane schedule of a workweek does not need to infect your mind, however. Every moment is valuable and if you forget that working where you work, either you need reminding or you need a new job. Here are some great tips for reminding yourself that even if your job is not exciting, your life can still be.

1. Motion

Part of the reason inhabiting the same workspace everyday can make us feel less valuable is because working at the same spot for years on end can make it seem as though our life has not progressed or yielded any new insights. By adding something that brings motion into your workspace, you remind yourself that every moment is valuable. Whether it is an analog clock or a lava lamp, even the silliest trinkets can remind us that everything is changing from one moment to the next, whether or not we perceive it. If there is a window in your space, watching the outside world moving and changing can have a similar meaning, but often becomes too great of a distraction to the distressed worker.

2. Color

Another aspect of the workplace that can be draining is the lack of visual stimulation. By adding color to your workspace, you can remember that there are things that interest you outside the black and white of text and numbers or documents and files. Posters of vivid scenery or intriguing patterns can be the tiny measure of inspiration that leads you to a greater feeling of achievement at the end of the day.

3. Smell

Few people are consciously aware of the smells that surround them, and yet this sense is extremely powerful in shaping our mood and focus. The science of aromatherapy has been in development for years, stemming from older spiritual practices such as burning incense, and has yielded hundreds of different scents from which to choose. Despite lacking totally conclusive evidence, smells such as lavender, lemon-oil, or chamomile have proven correlations with the reduction of stress.

4. Plant

Bringing a plant into your workspace is a great way to remind yourself that there is life outside of work. Despite bringing that life into the world of work, a plant can offer pleasant distraction from the daily grind. Depending on the type, the maintenance and observation of a growing life-form can be extremely gratifying. Trimming the bonsai tree is known as a form of meditation to the Japanese. Adding this procreative duty to a list of daily chores can bring some freshness to a stale routine, especially with the beautiful reward of a healthy bloom.

5. Motivational

Every tip to enliven the workspace is essentially a method to reconnect with the ultimate motivation behind the work we do. We spend each day working towards goals and ideals, but the necessity of a paycheck can sometimes obscure this from us. Life is not about making ends meet, but appreciating all the ways in which the ends have come together. Whether you need a visual aid, a sniff-check, or a friendly life force nearby, bringing energy into your workspace only requires that you remember to check on the source of your energy: your Self. A happy person is a happy worker.

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