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8 Unusual Yet High-Paying Jobs You Could Easily Transition Into

High-Paying Jobs

As 2015 draws to close, thoughts begin to turn to the new year and fresh possibilities. It’s time to start thinking about those resolutions. Time to reflect on your poor career choices, that job that you’ve been complaining about all year, and the dream job that got away.

Well, if you’re in your 30s like me then it is probably too late for you to become a pop star or a world-class footballer. That ship, as they say, has sailed. But there are still some interesting, and high-paying jobs around that you might not have considered: jobs that offer good career satisfaction and decent pay. And, you can probably easily make the transition from your current job.

Chocolate Taster

Most of us are guilty of sitting around all day eating too much chocolate, but few of us can boast to getting paid for it. Chocolate tasters earn between $30,000 and $60,000 per year, with senior executives commanding six-figure salaries. It’s a nice gig if you love eating chocolate and earning a decent living.

Trained chocolate tasters can use all their senses to gain a full understanding of the chocolate’s complexities. They are required to inspect those sweet delights for aesthetic appeal, smell, and taste. It was a sweet deal for Will Wonka wannabes, and it can be for you too.

Ice Cream Taster

If chocolate is not your thing, then how about getting paid to eat ice cream. That’s what John Harrison does, and he commands an annual salary of between $70,000 and $100,000. Not everyone in the ice cream tasting business can expect such high earnings, though.

The average salary for this line of work is $56,000, but how much you earn depends on how sensitive your taste buds are and which company you work for. John Harris, known as the “ice cream man”, is the official taste tester for Dreyer’s company. He has helped to create hundreds of flavors while tasting millions of gallons of ice cream. Those taste buds are reportedly insured for a million dollars! Do yours have what it takes?


If tasting all that sweet stuff for a living is not to your, er, liking, then something a little less tasteful might be right up your alley. All it takes to become an embalmer of dead people is a high school diploma and a training course.

This type of work is never adversely effective by things like credit crunches and government cutbacks. You will also probably not face much competition for the job. Once you become a licensed embalmer, you can start earning upwards of $34,000.

Pearl Diver

Maybe you’re looking for a job that is a little healthier than eating ice cream all day, and a lot less depressing than putting makeup on dead people. Well, how about becoming a Pearl Diver. If you like working in exotic locations, splashing around in the sea, and earning $1,200 per day then this job is for you.

Being a pearl diver requires you to skim the ocean floor of exotic locations such as those off the coast of Australia looking for the best oysters. Oh, and you have to do this without breathing apparatus or any protective clothing while sharks glide by. Big lungs, a sharp eye, and the ability to not look like shark bait are a must for this job.

It’s risky business, but how else will you get such lucrative wages for splashing around all day in glimmering tropical waters.

Crab Fisherman

Even an inexperienced crap fisherman can earn $50,000 in 8 weeks. However, the job is no dive in the tropics. Crab fishing is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in America and featured on the hit TV series “Deadliest Catch”. It involves being away from home for many months at a time, surviving frigid Alaskan waters, and braving stormy seas.

There is also the challenge of making sure that you catch enough crabs to earn a living during a short period. With that said, this job can be quite lucrative once you get into the swing of things.

If you make a decent enough catch, it means you only have to work two months out of the year. That thought should certainly warm you during those cold nights on Arctic waters.

Voice-Over Artist

There is no shortage of voice-over work these days; good voices are often required for movies, commercials, video games, and foreign films. You don’t need to have any training, qualifications, or experience. But, if you are serious about a career in this industry you might want to take some voice coaching lessons.

It will take a little talent, a good demo, and a big break to start benefiting from your voice. But if you do make it can expect to earn around $80,000 per year at the bottom end of the pay scale.

Easy High-Paying Jobs

Trash Collector

Leaving your job to become a trash collector might seem absurd. But, depending on where you live the financial rewards might be quite compelling. In a city like New York, for example, the starting salary for a trash collector is $80,000. This rate does decline the further south you go, but at the very least you can expect to receive $35,000 to begin with.

It’s tough, grungy work, and it’s considered to be very dangerous. But, if you are physically fit, don’t mind early mornings, and enjoy the challenges of a job that is unpredictable, you might just find something quite satisfying about being a trash collector.

Dog Walker

A Dog Walker can earn around $50 per hour in a busy metropolitan area. That amounts to more than the average salary of a mid-level manager. However, this job is not all fluffy pooches. You might have previous experience walking one or two dogs, but walking multiple stranger’s dogs can be quite challenging.

Many of these four-legged hounds barely listen to their owners never mind you, a stranger. Then there is the responsibility for cleaning up their mess, making sure they don’t fight (or mate) with each other and getting them all back safely in one piece. All of this is precisely why dog walkers can command such high fees.

If you think you have what it takes to exercise a bunch of dogs, then start by canvassing your area to see if anyone would require your service. Once you build up a reputation, and the dogs start warming to you, you will start getting more referrals and can command the highest fees.

So, has this motivated you to leave your run-of-the-mill job behind?

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