Forget Something? Emergency Valentine Presents

Emergency Valentine Presents

Do you know what day it is today? 14th February, which means Valentine’s Day. If you’re lucky enough to have found a special someone then no doubt you have something stashed away in the back of the wardrobe for them: perhaps some amazing floral arrangements, the first edition of Keats they had always wanted, keys to an Aston Martin and beautiful, touching card the size of a door? No? Don’t tell me you’re one of the umpteen incurable romantics who completely forgot to buy a gift. Oh. Then you need our suggestions for emergency Valentine presents, pronto! Read now and you will be able to present a gift to your beloved over dinner for two tonight – so good they’ll swear you planned it months ago.

Emergency Valentine Presents Online

Thank goodness for the internet. When it comes to getting out of a tight spot on the most romantic day of the year, the first port of call should be the internet. You might be thinking that it is too late to order anything, but all you need is a printer and you can print out a voucher, or even a pretty homepage and fold it into your card. Hey presto – present.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

If the object of your affection loves to go away to stylish hotels – and who doesn’t – you need to get to know this site. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is the ultimate boutique hotel specialist, offering a wonderful variety of up market venues for couples who want a UK getaway or holiday abroad. Depending on your budget, you could go all out and book a little hideaway in Venice, or a cottage in the New Forest, or an all-inclusive in Mauritius. Simply use their straightforward search facilities to find a break that you will both love. Alternatively, if you would like to make a romantic gesture without booking a certain hotel, perhaps so you can decide your destination together, the why not buy a Get A Room voucher? Available in a range of denominations, cupid can strike again, whatever your budget.

The Wine Society

The Wine Society is a co-operative that is passionate about providing the best quality wines for its members. As the website says: The Societies buyers seek out hundreds of new wines each year from around the world. The current range of around 1,500 wines represents the best of the leading wine regions and some rather lesser-known ones too. The Societies range has high-quality, interesting wines at all price points with over 300 wines priced at £7.95 or less. For an excellent £40 one-off membership fee you will receive £20 of you first order. It’s a great gift for the beloved oenophile in your life.

Tickets to a Show

The great thing about giving tickets to a play or comedy night or music gig as one of your emergency Valentine presents is that you won’t be expected to produce the actual event the same night, which may well get you out of hot water. Go online and find a show that you know he or she will love, book the best tickets you can afford and then print off the E-tickets, or if those aren’t available, print off the ad for the show and product that as a sign of the gift to come.

Other E-Vouchers

If none of the above options quite fit the bill for you and your loved one, then of course there are lots of other vouchers that you can buy and print off.

These include some from the purveyor of luxury spa breaks Champneys – simply choose the amount of voucher and then have it email or print it off and your Valentine will have a lovely treat to look forward to.

For almost anything else, from books to movies and music and goodness knows what else, you could do worse than to go straight to and print of a voucher from a huge range of denominations – you can even choose pretty patterns to make them a more appealing gift.

Emergency Valentine Presents Offline

Just in case your broad band’s gone down or you can’t get online, you need to have some options for buying emergency Valentine presents a.s.a.p. that may lie just down the road:

1. The Classic Flowers/Chocs/Champagne Combo

Ah, the old ones are the best! If in doubt – and in a tearing hurry – very few women will despise you if you present her with some flowers, lovely chocolates and some bubbly. For some women, these things will scream “I love you!” above all else. A word of caution though – go to the upper end of your budget, not to be ostentatious, but because this will show some effort, even it is in terms of financial, rather than imagination. If you’re a student, make the gifts as petrol-station cheap as you like, but if you manage a hedge fund, don’t even think a few Milk Tray are going to cut it…

2. Creative Romance

One of the best of all emergency Valentine’s presents. Quick: sprint to your room and start penning a sensitive, heartfelt poem. Or dig out that guitar serenade you composed just for her and get strumming, sharpest. As long as it is from the heart, a creative offering is bound to be well received, if he or she is the one for you.

3. Supermarket Sweep

Time is ticking on… If all else fails, get down to the nearest supermarket and get busy. Supermarkets tend to be so vast these days that they stock far more than just tea bags and gravy granules. You can find clothing and accessories, stylish homewards, vintage champagne, costume jewellery and much, much more. The reason supermarkets open on Sundays is just for days like today.

If in Doubt, Grovel

The final option is simply to forget emergency Valentine presents and come clean. Confession is good for the soul and – sometimes – for a relationship. You could fess up and take the flak, then get on the phone and prepare to break the budget with what they used to call a slap-up meal. Romance them silly and promise that you’ll never need to consider emergency Valentine presents ever again. It will either backfire horribly, or you could be on for an evening you will always remember. Whatever you decide, good luck and happy Valentine’s Day!

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