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Now that the working year in once more underway, remember how you felt on the first day back after the Christmas break. Were you feeling refreshed, excited and itching to get your feet back under the desk, or your hands on the wheel, or fire up the oven once again? Or were you filled with dread that yet another week was starting in a job that you don’t love?

If it’s the latter, then you might like to consider looking at finding a new job, either in the company where you work through promotion, or trying something altogether new. Read on for our easy guide to with Career Resolutions and other tips to keep you moving on up the career ladder.

Career Resolutions

The start of a fresh, brand new, twelve-month stretch of time is always exciting and full of hope. Like us, you may have made a few resolutions, whether it’s to get healthier or to give something up. Why not take the time to let your career benefit from all that New Year positivity? Here are a few Career Resolutions that you may like to think about:

Set Goals

Think about what you want to get out of 2013 professionally. Then think about the main steps you need to take to get there. Aim high, then break your big goal down into manageable pieces and do what it takes to get there, one day at a time.

Set Goals

Regularly Seek Inspiration

Start the New Year as you mean to go on by firing yourself up for success. It is important to be honest with yourself about what makes you tick and to give yourself plenty of it. Inspiration can be easier to find when looking at other people’s achievements, so don’t hesitate to look at successful the work of colleagues, mentors and, of course, first-class trainers to give you that vital spark.

Refresh Your Knowledge

In this fast-paced modern world, the requirements of a job can often change quite rapidly. It is important to keep abreast of best practice and the most effective techniques. Embrace lifelong learning and take courses and qualifications which keep you at the top of your game.

Ask The Right Questions

It is a strength, not a weakness, to seek out advice from those who may know best. Don’t have all the right skills to truly fly in your role? Don’t flounder, speak to your manager or HR department about getting equipped with the necessary additional skills. Moreover, if you are actively seeking a promotion this year, then don’t keep that a closely guarded secret. Speak to line managers and HR to see if there is a new role that might just have your name on it.

Share Your Successes

If you achieve something great at work, or if you have a certain skill that will benefit others, make sure you share the success. Passing on knowledge and always acknowledging those who have help created something positive is excellent career karma.

Follow these steps and you are far more likely to be line promotions as they arise. Alternatively, you can look outside your existing sphere of employment, make a break and continue your career in a new company.

Get A New Job

There are certain concrete steps that you can take to give yourself an excellent chance of bagging a great new job.

Create A Career-Enhancing CV

In an increasingly competitive global job market, it is vital for people to be as well prepared as they possibly can. Take time to outline the full extent of your experience including all relevant training day qualifications. Do emphasize your main achievements and list goals and targets met.

If you are a school leaver or graduate you may well have spent years working towards exams and then studied for at least three years to achieve an undergraduate degree – all of which are laudable and impressive achievements. Top exam grades certainly count towards a truly heavyweight CV when you may not yet have had much work experience in your chosen field. In this case bolster your CV with an impressive summary of you best work-related attributes (‘team player’ ‘dynamic self-starter’ etc) to make you one of the more attractive candidates for any specific job.

Now Plan Your Dream Job Strategy

Firstly, do your research and plan ahead. Find out what the criteria are for succeeding in your dream role and then go about gaining or honing those attributes. For example, if you are looking towards a role which requires specialist knowledge of a foreign language, boost your employability by travelling to that country and proving that you understand the cultural aspects, signing up to exchanges, retreats or other programs where possible.

Secondly, look at gaining an extraordinary edge. It is harder than ever to distinguish oneself from the mass of applicants. In this job market you need to be seen to be a specialist. Focus on the most relevant area of your experience to date and emphasize that knowledge in your application as well as on your CV.

Thirdly, don’t hold back from gaining a greater depth of experience, if you don’t already possess it. The best way to do this would be to achieve a higher level of internal or external qualification, go on a training course, or do a diploma in a specialist area to boost your employability: there are often a huge range of possibilities on offer. In this economic climate it is one of the most effective ways of gaining an advantage.

Finally, do look into boosting your profile among potential employers by building a strong profile on social media, for example on Linked In. There you can ask for testimonials from people who you have worked with in the past; previous colleagues, managers, clients and suppliers. This can be an extremely powerful tool in positioning yourself as the perfect person to do the all-important new job – it’s vital to get canny about marketing yourself if you seriously want a dazzling role.

Prepare for Success

This combination of a killer CV, proper specialism, practical experience and self-promotional savvy is guaranteed to take you into the upper echelons of your area of the job market – which is the most rewarding place to be. Good luck, get focused and go for it!

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