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Interview Tips

Good Job Hunting and Interview Tips

Are you looking for some Good Interview Tips to help you prepare for a Job Interview?

To be honest, with the economy as it is, even if your job is not currently at risk, it’s always a good idea to keep your job interviewing skills current.

You never know when you might need them. Who knows the opportunity for a great new job could present itself tomorrow? Or indeed you could find yourself being interviewed to keep the job you currently have!

Regardless of your current situation, it would probably make sense to keep your options open, your job interview skills updated and to ensure that you have an exit strategy in case the unthinkable happens and you find yourself back in the job market.


Good Interview Tips

Preparing for The Interview

You need to ensure you do thorough preparation for the interview. Anticipate the questions that you might be asked and be ready with an appropriate answer. But do remember that whilst you want to appear confident and polished you do not want to seem over-rehearsed.

Your answers should appear to be well-thought out, but you want to make sure that you still seem genuine. Make sure that you have done some research on the company, so that you can let them know why you are a good fit.

I have lost count of the number of people I have interviewed that have ignored the advice to always look your best.

You need to present the best possible version of yourself at interview. Even if you are not a business-dress kind of person, if the job you are applying for requires it, then you must look the part. It can be difficult if you are not used to wearing formal business dress but do try to make sure to looked relaxed! There are quite a few people people who are uncomfortable in those clothes and only wear to work because they have to!

On the day of the interview get yourself into the right mindset by focusing on your positive attributes. Make sure you arrive in good time, but not too early!

About ten minutes before your appointment time is a good indication. Before you go in to the build focus on some positive affirmations and do some simple breathing exercises if you know that nerves can get the best of you. Allowing yourself the time beforehand will ensure that you will feel more at ease when the interview time arrives.


Good Interview Tips

At The Interview and Afterwards


Good Interview Tips

When the interview begins, remember that you are proud of who you are and your accomplishments without appearing over confident or arrogant. Remember that you are proud of your achievements will translate as confidence, which is something that every hiring manager is looking for.

Throughout the interview try to maintain eye contact and take your time to answer questions. Treat interviewer with the respect you would give them if you already had the job and the respect you would like to be treated with yourself. In this way you will be giving them an indication of what they can expect from you if, or should we say when, you were hired.

When the interviewer has finished asking their questions and invites you to ask any questions you might have make sure you have some!

It is okay to ask questions about things like promotion expectations or opportunities, salary, and benefits. This indicates to the interviewer that you are also investigating their company and what they can offer you.

Different people approach it in different ways but after the interview there is no harm to either sending a brief “thank you” email or making a simple “thank you” phone call. It lets them know that you are serious about considering a position there.

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