Reignite the Flame in Your Relationship

Flame in Your Relationship

Here are some tried and true methods to put the flame back in your relationship.

Give Service Together

Giving service to others helps you feel love and compassion, and when you give service alongside your significant other, your ability to love and feel compassion towards each other also grows. Consider planning your next date around a service project together, such as offering your help at the homeless shelter, walking dogs at the animal shelter, visiting the elderly at a care center, or being a friend to a troubled youth.

Hold Hands

Do you remember the moment when you first held hands with your significant other? As time passes, we tend to forget to do the little things, such as holding hands. But the gentle touch of your partner’s hand physically brings that individual back into your life. It often has the power to calm you when you are feeling anxious or upset. Don’t forget to do the little but important things in your relationship.

Plan Time to Communicate Openly

A lack of communication often leads to issues in a relationship. There may be misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and even anger in a relationship, all of which can be diminished with open communication. When expressing your needs to your significant other, remember to never label one another, and try using the formula, “I feel this way when this thing happens.” Plan time to sit down together and openly communicate to one another.

Make Each Other’s Happiness Your Top Priority

Humans tend to be selfish by nature, and this weakness can lead to serious consequences in a relationship. Think about how you can make your significant other’s happiness your top priority, even more so than you are now. Make a list of at least one special thing you will do for him/her each week, and don’t let anything get in the way of carrying it out. As you dedicate your time to making your partner happy, you will notice more happiness personally and as a couple.

Be Spontaneously

Take time to think back to the early days of your relationship when you were first falling in love. What were some things you did together that really sparked the flame? Try to be spontaneous, like you were when you were first together, and do something fun—the more youthful and exciting, the better. Whatever you do, make sure to set time apart at least twice each month for a date night. For example, you can recreate your first date, but do so while dressed up in a costume. This way you can keep a strong relationship.

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