Success! 16 Inspiring Tips For 2016

Inspiring Tips

Looking forward to a happy and prosperous 2016? So are we. But how is it practically possible to make this coming year the best one yet?

Whether you are in business or a creative person, a student or a manager, in fact whatever you do in life, there are certain tips that we can all apply to get the best out of every day that this year brings.
1. Create Your Own Life

Every day, take active steps to make your dreams come to fruition. Take courses pass exams, write that novel, take intelligent risks to keep moving forward. Don’t imagine life is holding you back – only you can do that. Make 2016 the year you really make it happen.

2. Always Aim High

There is no glory – and not even much satisfaction – in achieving something that is too easy or of little merit. Every young child knows that. Instead, stretch yourself to reap the greatest rewards. Go for that big promotion, aim for distinction in the exam, try to lose the weight you want, rather than just a couple of pounds. Make your efforts worthwhile.

3. Commit to Success

Don’t be half-hearted. The best things in life tend to take investments of time and effort, perhaps also money. Build up those resources so that you have more to invest: if you have a brilliant business idea, you might consider actually taking out a business loan to turn your idea into a dazzling reality. Remember: if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

4. Don’t Sell Yourself Short

If you talk yourself down, other people may be inclined to agree with you. You don’t have to be boastful or arrogant, but do let people know of your strengths and skills – it could lead to being offered a new job or other opportunities.

5. Keep Your Eye Out for Opportunities

Don’t be complacent. Don’t sit back and wait for success to come to you. Always stay alert to the chances that may be coming your way. Go to auditions and interviews, and make sure that you read the relevant trade papers.

6. Don’t Envy

There is nothing more negative than someone who bemoans their lot and covets what someone else has. Not much fun! Don’t complain about someone else’s promotion or new house or great travel plans. Instead put your energy into staying positive and going after what you want.

7. Surround Yourself with Success

Just as misery loves company, success breeds success. Hang out with achievers: go to networking breakfasts, join a mentoring program to benefit from a more experienced person’s wisdom. At the very least you can network through social media sites such as Linked In – cast your net wide and see what good fortune you attract.

8. Prove What You Can Do!

If you get the chance, take practical steps to let people themselves see how great you are at your dream occupation. Want to be a singer? Enter that singing contest! Think you can write a book? What’s stopping you?

9. Rise to the Challenge

Don’t be afraid to really go for it. If you would like to climb Kilimanjaro, or Macchu Picchu, or run a marathon, or complete a PhD, there is no good reason why you cannot give it your best shot. You may surprise yourself at how skilled you are.

10. Accept Generosity

All successful people have accepted help and guidance and praise as they have progressed. In fact, this is often what brings people on. Don’t be too proud and listen to others who may no better than you, whether they are a manager or a junior colleague. In business terms, this could even be as straightforward as asking for testimonials from happy customers and using them to drive business forward.

11. Stand or Fall on Your Results

Scared of the next internal work assessment, or exam? Don’t be. Truly successful people are never afraid to be judged on the results of what they do, rather than what they wish they could do. If you focus on real results then you will work harder and attain more.

12. Learn from Failures

Anyone who has achieved anything of note is likely to have had a few major setbacks along the way. Some millionaires lost their shirt before they hit the big time A-list actors lost roles before they hit the big time. J K Rowling was rejected by an agent and 12 publishers for the first Harry Potter. Don’t worry if you don’t nail it first time. If at first you don’t succeed…

13. Plan a Series of Achievements

Don’t just aim to succeed in one narrow area. Why not identify key areas in life, such as money, health, work, love and so on and write down an aim for 2016 in each category. You do not need to scattergun your efforts, but do try to go for excellence in a number of key areas and you might be amazed at what results.

14. Master Your Talents

Make 2016 the year that your talents work harder for you than ever before. If you are a whizz at languages, maybe you can find ways to make more use of them in your work or study. If you are a great negotiator, maybe revisit your terms of employment.

15. Nothing to Fear…

… but fear itself. Don’t let the usual worries or niggles hold you back. If it helps, try writing list to offload concerns rather than walking around with them on your mind all the time. Fear will only prevent you from achieving what you would like. This year, vow to be braver and try harder not to let fear influence your decisions.

16.Keep on Moving

If nothing else, the start of a new year is a remind that no matter what, life goes on. Successful people don’t sit back and think they have done it all. Keep going: life is a marathon, not a sprint, so never stop trying, learning, achieving and you may surpass your own highest expectations.

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