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Top 9 Frugal Living Blogs That Will Change Your Life

Frugal Living

In this the post-2008 credit crisis era, frugal living is considered a worthwhile and desirable thing. This is most evident in the rise in popularity of blogs written with the sole purpose of helping readers pinch those pennies. And let’s face it, most of us could use all the advice we can get to keep more money in our pockets.

If you’re having some difficulty fitting your lifestyle into your income, then stick around. The frugal living blogs discussed here provide an endless supply of budget-stretching, money-saving, lifestyle-improving, advice.

Living Well Spending Less

The owner of this blog, Ruth Soukup, is a former self-confessed shopaholic. She managed to successful transform her spending habits and lifestyle from frivolous to frugal and now enjoys a “saver’s high” rather than a “shopper’s high”. Living Well

Spending Less is one of the more diverse frugal living blogs around. Here you will find tips for successful DIY projects, recipes for busy moms, holiday advice, and more.

The blog began as an accountability tool to help Ruth get her wild spending habits under control. Now it is a thriving hub of awesome resources to help all kinds of people to do the same as she did.

The Freebie Addiction

The tagline for this blog is “life can be beautiful without being expensive,” and there is a ton of resources here to help you do just that. You will find information on various sales, product discounts, and freebie offers. There is even advice on hiring the most suitable real estate agent to find a house within your budget.

The Freebie Addiction blog also has reviews of numerous goods and services that you use in everyday life. The theme here is “shop smart, spend less and never pay retail again.”

The Beautiful Frugal Life

The Beautiful Frugal Life blog began in 2010 after the owner, Melody Hansen, used Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover to successful take control of hers and her family’s finances. The goal of the blog, as Melody says, is to help people save money on the things they can so that they can afford the things they want.

Topics covered include parenting on a budget, keeping fit, and clean eating.

Melody is a veteran of couponing and tight budgeting, managing to pay off a $45,000 debt in under a year. She doesn’t claim to offer any quick fixes, but her knowledge and experience along with the freebies and discounts on the blog will prove invaluable to those pursuing a comfortable frugal life.

Frugal Babe

The Frugal Babe is not a full-time blogger. She has other freelance writing commitments which sometimes prevent her from writing for her frugal living blog. When she does write a post, though, you can pretty much guarantee it will be packed with useful information. While she hasn’t posted content as frequently of late, the archives contain a wealth great stuff.

In the past she has talked about getting living frugally with second had stuff, homemade furniture, and managing savings accounts.

Frugal Village

Many frugal blogs contain great content but poor website design and layout. With Frugal Village, you get both. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, this blog makes it easy to spot current posts and navigate to older articles. Once you start reading, you will almost certainly end up checking out the archives.

This blog covers such interesting topics as “Products Tightwads Don’t Buy”, “Gifts for the Whole Family on the Cheap”, and how to “Stretch Your Meat Budget”. There is also a thriving community forum where you can learn from and share with other frugal-minded individuals.

The Prudent Homemaker

The website currently has serious layout issues, but if you get past that you will be able to find a lot of great information. Topics covered include cooking, gardening, and homeschooling – all with an underlying theme of frugal living. The blog section lists the blog owner’s frugal accomplishments on a weekly basis.

The comment sections of these posts are crammed with other people’s accomplishments as well, all of which combine to give plenty of frugal living ideas.

And Then We Saved

Anna Newell Jones, the author of the And Then We Saved Blog, says she paid off close to 24k in debt in only fifteen months. As a result, she has a lot to teach about living frugally. Her blog, not surprisingly, covers debt free living, but you will also find advice on living a minimalist life, curbing your spending habits, and making money.

There is also a large community available for you to join. The community is designed to provide support, information, and accountability. It is a powerful tool if you find it difficult to save money and lead a better life. At the time of writing, the counter displayed on the website says the community have saved a combined total of $952,779.11


An oldie, but still a goodie, Wisebread utilizes the wisdom of multiple authors to provide a frugal living resource that is overflowing with great tips and advice. On the site, you will find articles covering topics such as “5 Money Rules That’ll Save

You Big in Baby’s First Year,” “7 Cheaper Versions of Your
Favorite Products”, and “The Best and Worst States to Retire.”
There are also weekly posts highlighting a range of discounts and deals on things like clothing, shoes, and household items.

Almost Frugal

The Almost Frugal blog is essentially the charting of the authors journey to a frugal lifestyle. The insights provided in each post is helpful for others already on the journey or hoping to make the transition. According to the about page, this blog is not about depriving yourself of a decent life, it’s about learning to better manage your money and being smart with your spending.

Learn about simple tricks to save $50 per month or how to avoid hidden costs when moving house.

And there you have it. This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many great frugal living blogs on the blogosphere. However, adding this small selection to your reading list will help to set you squarely on the path to a more frugal yet happy life.

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