Who’s to Blame for the Entitled Generation?

Entitled Generation

Today’s Generation

I know this is a controversial topic, but I felt the need to put it out there. Let me ask you this…Do you think too many of today’s kids expect too much? Do you think they feel entitled to whatever they desire? Have we tried to give our kids all the things we didn’t have, only to make them unappreciative? Do today’s kids think money grows on trees? What do you think? What or who is to blame?

Touchy Subjects….

I am not one who loves confrontation of any kind. I try to be neutral as much as possible. On this subject, I am willing to venture out and take a stand. Parenting is always hard, no matter what generation you are dealing with. This is a fact. But are parents easier on kids today, more so then “back in the day”? I think so. I grew up with a stay at home mom and so did my husband. Kids were to be seen and not heard. We respected adult authority. I knew that there would be consequences to inappropriate behavior of any kind. When my mom said it (threaten sounds so harsh), I knew she meant it. There were sports, but it didn’t seem like we were running from one activity to another after school. Kids were home running with the neighborhood kids on bikes.Generation


Today, seems like a whole new world. I do believe our children are our future and so very important. But have they been placed on a pedestal so high that even they, themselves, wouldn’t know how to get back up, if they fell off? Look at how many young adults can’t make it on their own and have to move back home with mom and dad.

Are we too worried about giving them the best of everything, that we aren’t teaching them what it means to work for desires? Sure, there are still some parents who are consistent enough to keep up with the chore charts and earning allowances. But there are definitely more than just provide, provide, provide. Yes, there are really good kids out there who we feel deserve rewards. But there are many who just “expect” these things. I refer to them as feeling “entitled”. This is what I have an issue with.

Society today is soooo competitive. We are teaching our children to constantly compete with others. They compete over who has the best clothes, newest electronic games, or the best iPhone. This is part of the problem that has led to this feeling of entitlement. As parents we can try our best not to succumb to this pressure, but it is HARD. My daughter is 11 and all of her friends have Facebook accounts. She constantly asks when she can have one. My answer is “never”. Kids don’t realize the consequences of putting all your business on a public domain. I think it leads to trouble at such a young age.

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